Product Review - First thoughts: Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Leather Conditioner

I'm soon to be out of my usual leather conditioner so I decided to try Turtle Wax's "Natrual Touch Leather Conditioner" in their new "Perfect Finish" product-line a try.

Here's a short write-up/review:

Let's talk about this bottle. I like the overall aesthetics of it but quality-wise it leaves much to be desired. The packing doesn't even stick to the bottle and the cap spits product out every time you open it. The product itself feels and smells nice, no strong smell that covers the leather.. But enough about this stuff, let's move on to what matters.


Let's start with the door panels. There are some parts of this that has real leather on it.
I applied and massaged the product in with a microfiber towel. This product is surprisingly easy to work with. After application I waited about 5 minutes.

Note: This is before wiping it off again.

Note: This is before wiping it off again.

When wiping off I used a clean MF towel. The product comes fairly easy off the leather, but it requires some work. Nothing major and it's still easier to work with than what I've used before. The doors look pretty good after their treatment. The leather feels soft and it looks good. The only issue I can see with it is that it leaves a more glossy finish than what I usually use.


Onto the seats. The application and removal process was the same for these as the doors.  However, it seems like I've gotten different results on the seats. It left a much glossier finish than I expected, which is not really good. I want a matte and deep shine, not a glossy one. Nothing too serious though, all in all a decent finish.


How did I like it?
It was a good product, but nothing fancy. The price I payed for it was about the same as I would pay for about the same amount of any other leather conditioner. It's very easy to work with and it smells good. No strong citrus smell or anything like that, it leaves the leather smelling fresh and new, and that is just how I prefer it.
The finish was alright, it was a bit too glossy but nothing major. It might fade a little and look as good as it should after a few days. The leather feels smooth and soft so it seems like it does that part of the process just fine.
The packaging design is altight but bottle feels flimsy and low-quality.  Despite that the bottle is a lot more user-friendly than the Meguiar's counterpart.

Would I reccomend it? Sure, test it out and if it leaves the finish you want I see nothing wrong with it. But for me I'd rather recommend the Maguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Conditioner.

Show&Shine and photo shoot - Porsche 968

Waking up today I got an urge to clean up my car and make it as shiny as I can. Then take it out for a spin and find a nice location for a photo shoot. This is not a workblog, so I'll keep the detailing part short.

It snowed yesterday and driving to work on the highway turned my fairly clean car into transporter of dirt and dust. Here's a before picture after I took it out of the garage this morning.

It does have AMMO Skin on it so the color is somewhat vivid, but the dirt drags it down.
What I did was to wash it thoroughly like I usually do every Sunday and then bring out all my detailing gear to shine up the trim before I put a layer of AMMO Creme on top.
(By the way, Meguiar's Dash & Trim restorer worked wonders on my spoiler, I wish I got a 50/50 shot of that.) The Carnauba wax gave the paint the sickest shine I have ever witnessed. Guards Red has to go down as one of the prettiest colors on Porsches when detailed properly. Without further ado, here's the pictures.

If you want a similar S&S + Photo shoot please feel free to contact me.

Exterior & Interior Shine up - 2012 Scirocco R-Line

The Scirocco is back for another clean. The plan today is to clean the outside and shine everything up. Then I'm gonna do a quick interior clean and shine up. Nothing too fancy as I only have a couple hours to do all this.

As always, I wash the wheels first. Rinse them down and apply the wheel cleaner. I'm now back to using the Sonax cleaner, and I love it!

The wheels weren't that dirty to be honest. Still needed a clean though.

The wheels weren't that dirty to be honest. Still needed a clean though.

After the cleaner had been sitting for a minute I used a couple brushes and an old wash mitt to clean everything with soapy water.


After rinsing down the wheels leaving them clean I went to do the paint. How my dad manages to get his car this dirty so fast is beyond me. I mean, the dirt is bad enough but it's caked into the layer of wax I put on a few weeks back.

I filled up one bucket with soapy water(Using Maguiar's NXT car soap) and one with clean water. If you don't know this is called the two bucket method. You clean the mitt off in the clean water before soaking it in the soap to clean the car. Doing this with my MF wash mitt usually does the trick. Not this time though, the dirt was really caked into the paint. I had to resort to a degreaser to get the dirt off.

BilXtra's degreaser worked wonders to get the dirt off.

BilXtra's degreaser worked wonders to get the dirt off.

Using soapy water and a wash mitt really got it off after the degreaser was used. If you use this stuff, I would highly recommend putting on wax afterwards. It might not need a full wax job but at least use some spray wax. And remember to rinse the car thoroughly after washing with this stuff.

After everything was clean and rinsed down I dried the car off with a damp MF towel and my trusty AMMO Hydrate. I really love this stuff, even if you don't have any wax on the car it leaves a thin layer that also causes some great water beading.

_DSC6239 copy.jpg

The car is now clean and the paint is looking good. But some of the trim is really faded and looks grey and white. And there's some marks from polishing it that I must have missed when I did the restoration job on this car.

For the job of restoring the trim to it's original black color I could use that black tar-like substance we all have used before. The stuff that will leave a black streak if it touches your paint. Or I could use a product that restores the trim instead of just covering it up.
I have used Maguiar's  Dash & Trim restorer a few times now and I really like it.

Note that this towel was not used on the car after the picture was taken.

Note that this towel was not used on the car after the picture was taken.

Using this is really simple and safe. You apply it by using a MF towel and wipe the trim down with a clean MF towel afterwards. Sometimes you have to massage into the trim but no need for any extensive rubbing.

Here's a before and after picture of the trim located on the mirrors. I think it's pretty obvious which is which.

The last touch I did to the exterior was to shine up the tires. They were almost grey so a black restoring solution was desperately needed. Any water based tire gel will do this pretty much the same. I personally use AMMO Mud. Application is simple. Use an applicator pad and massage the product into the rubber. It looks a little wet in the start but once it dries a little the rubber will be a matte but shiny black that should give the car that extra pop.

_DSC6250 copy.jpg

Now onto the interior...

This has never been cleaned as long as the car has lived. My dad bought it new in 2012 and it's seen a lot of road. If I had the entire day I would take the seats out and vacuum the entire thing before rubbing every inch of carpet with a brush. Sadly I just didn't have the time so an easy clean was in order.

It's grey and dirty.  I could spend a whole day cleaning this to perfect condition.

It's grey and dirty.  I could spend a whole day cleaning this to perfect condition.

I started by taking the floor mats out and vacuuing everything I could get to before cleaning it. For the seats I used Meguiar's Carpet cleaner and an MF towel.

This didn't touch the car either.

This didn't touch the car either.

To put this short I spent probably 30 minutes just rubbing the seats with this. If I were to clean seats like these I would use a carpet brush of some kind. They turned out pretty good but a steam machine or a carpet brush would really, really help the next time I do this. (Goddamn, I love leather seats.)

After this was all done the rest of the interior needed cleaning. I use an MF towel and Magiar's Quick Interior Detailer.  Then applied a layer of Maguiar's Natrual Shine to really make the interior have a matte shine.

_DSC6261 copy.JPG

Apply the product to your towel and wipe any plastic and  synthetic-leather surface to get all the dirt out and restore some of the matte shine. After this wipe it down with a clean towel.  When the any cleaner residue is wiped off apply the protectant to another towel and massage it in to the same surfaces. Leave it for a minute or so then wipe it off. Be thorough when doing this, you don't what a really shine surface, you want it a matte clean with a tad bit off shine.

For the pedals and any rubber carpets you should make sure you use a silicone-free dressing that doesn't make the surface slippery. I didn't have any of this so a damp MF towel is what I used. Remember to clean inside your doors!

The pedals could use a bit more shine, but I didn't have the right product for this. I'll come back and finish them another day.

The pedals could use a bit more shine, but I didn't have the right product for this. I'll come back and finish them another day.

The car was looking very clean after about 3 hours of work. I went a little over my deadline but let's just say it was well worth it. I got a very happy father when he saw how clean it now was.

Thanks for reading! There might be a little detailing break now, but I do have some goodies in store for the future.